Read Receipt Settings

You can set whether or not to display the read receipt settings on the "Compose E-mail" screen, and how to respond when a read request is requested.
The system administrator can choose not to display this setting.

  1. Click the "User name" in the header.

  2. Click "Personal settings".

  3. Select the "Setting of each application" tab.

  4. Click "E-mail".

  5. Click the item for read receipt settings.

  6. On the read receipt settings screen, set the required items.

    • Requests for read receipts:
      Select whether to display the settings for the read receipt e-mail on the "Compose E-mail" screen.
    • Reply to requests for read receipts:
      Select how to reply when you receive a read receipt e-mail.
      • Do not respond
      • Display a confirmation message:
        When you receive a read receipt e-mail, a confirmation message appears above the sender field in the e-mail, and you can select whether to reply to the read receipt.
        For details, see When You Receive E-Mails Requesting Read Receipts.
      • Always respond:
        You can also set to reply a confirmation e-mail only if you have been set to "To" or "Cc".
    Read Receipt Settings screen

  7. Confirm your settings and click "Save".