You can change the display order of the items in My portal, the order of attendees and facilities in Scheduler, or the order of folders and recipients in Messages.
The following describes how to change the display order of attendees in Scheduler, as an example.

  1. Click the app icon in the header.

  2. Click "Scheduler".

  3. On the "Scheduler" screen, click the title of the appointment you want to change.

  4. On the "Appointment details" screen, click "Edit".

    Image of the link to edit

  5. On the Change appointment screen, select the attendee whose order you want to change.

    You can also select multiple items.
    Image of selecting an item to reorder

  6. Reorder the selected item.

    Image of changing order

    • Move to top button:
      Move the item to the top.
    • Move up button:
      Move the item up by one level.
    • Move down button:
      Move the item down by one level.
    • Move to bottom button:
      Move the item to the bottom.