Changing Your Password

Change the login password.
The default password is set by your system administrator.
To use Garoon for the first time, we recommend that you change your login password.
Depending on your system administrator settings, you may not be permitted to change the password, or the number and the type of characters for the password have restrictions.

  1. Click the "User name" in the header.

  2. Click the item to change passwords.

    Image of an action link for changing passwords enclosed in a red frame

    You can also access the "Change Password" screen from the personal settings.

    1. Click "User Name" on the right side of the header.
    2. Click "Personal settings".
    3. Select "Common settings" tab.
    4. Click Users.
    5. Click the item to change passwords.

    If the "Change password" is not displayed, the system administrator does not allow you to change the password in "Personal settings".
    If you want to change the password, ask your system administrator. For details, see the password restrictions.

  3. On the "Change Password" screen, enter the new password twice, and then click "Save".

    Please note that the password expiration date will not be reset if you enter the same password as the current one.

    Change Password screen