Calendar Settings

The scheduler and the scheduler portlet use the system calendar that is set by your system administrator.
The system administrator register holidays and events to the system calendar.
If your system administrator has set up multiple system calendars, users can select which one to use.
For details, see the Office Settings section.

This section describes the way to add events to the calendar, or whether to display weather forecasts or Rokuyo.

Image of setting up items to show on the calendar

a): A holiday that the system administrator added to the system calendar.

b): An event that the user has added as an anniversary to My calendar.

c): An event that the user has added as memo to My calendar.

d): The weather forecast for the region specified by the user.

e): The event that the system administrator has added as notes to the system calendar.

f): Rokuyo The 先勝 (Sensho), 友引 (Tomobiki), 先負 (Senbu), 仏滅 (Butsumetsu), 大安 (Taian), or 赤口 (Shakkou) are displayed.

  1. Click the "User name" in the header.

  2. Click "Personal settings".

  3. Select "Common settings" tab.

  4. Click "Calendar".

  5. Click "General Settings".

  6. On the "General settings" screen, set the events to be displayed as notes.

    If your system administrator configures multiple system calendars, the system calendars that have not been set for the "Calendar" field on the "Office settings" page of the personal settings is displayed as choices.
    You can display an event in a system calendar that has not been set in the "Calendar" field as a note in the system calendar that has been set for the "Calendar" field.
    Image of setting an event to be displayed as a note

  7. Set the "Rokuyo" field.

    When you enable the "Show" check box, Rokuyo is displayed in the calendar.
    Regardless of language settings, the information is displayed in Japanese.
    Image of setting up the display of Rokuyo

  8. Set the "Weather forecast" field.

    Select the region to display the weather forecast in the calendar.
    Only the weather forecast in Japan can be displayed.
    Image of setting up to display the weather forecast

  9. Confirm your settings and click "Save".