Working with the Respond Feature

By using the respond feature, you can make a quick response to the message content or any comments.
Users can show their intention by clicking a link such as "Like" and "Acknowledged" without posting any comment.
This respond feature may not be available depending on the settings by the system administrator.
The respond feature is available in the following applications:

Application Target
  • Body and comment fields in discussion
  • Body and comment fields in shared To-Do
Messages Body and comment fields
Bulletin Board Body and comment fields

How to Respond to Text/Comment

Under the body text or comment where you want to respond, click "Like".
The system administrator may use a word other than "Like".
To cancel your response, click "Not Like".

Image of a list of users who have responded to the comment

a): List of users who have responded is shown when you click it.

Checking Responses to Your Comments

You can check the "Like" responses to your comments on the header.

Image of a list of responses in the header

a): Clicking this icon displays a list of the "Like" responses to your comments.