By using the respond feature, you can make a quick response to the message content or any comments.
Users can show their intension by clicking a link such as "Like" and "Acknowledged" without posting any comment.
System administrators and the application administrators can allow users and applications to use the Respond feature .

Working with respond feature

The Respond feature is available in the following applications.

  • Space:
    You cannot set whether to allow use of the Respond feature on Space. You can use the Respond feature whenever the respond feature is active.
  • Messages
  • Bulletin Board

For details on how to activate the Respond feature, see Using Applications.
For details on how to use the Respond feature, see Working with Respond Feature.

Changing the notation for "Like"

Only the system administrators can change the label of "Like".
The change will be applied to the link of the respond feature on the user screen.

Image of a Respond

For details on how to show "Like", see Renaming Applications.