Search Specifications

This section describes the search specifications available in Garoon.

Searching Overview

Provides an overview of Garoon search.
The following two types of search functions are available for Garoon

  • Standard Search
    This is a search function installed in Garoon standard.
  • Full Text Search
    This search function is available when the full text Search server is installed and the full Text Search Server service license is enabled.

Standard Search

The standard search searches data in one application.
Search the search box in the upper right corner of each application.
For details, refer to the standard search specification.

Image of the search box

Full text Search

A full text search is a way to search across applications.
The following applications support full text Search

  • Space
  • Messages
  • Bulletin Board
  • Cabinet
  • E-mail

In full text search, search is possible, including the attachment name and the contents of the file.
For details, see the Search Files in Full Text Search.

If you want to search through an application that supports full text search, search the search box in the header.

Image of the search box in the header enclosed in a red frame

On the search results screen of full text search, you can set search conditions and filter search results using the following options

  • Keyword:
    Enter the keywords you want to search.
  • Sort by:
    Set the display order of search results.
  • Show only files/search subject
    Sets the items to be searched. The "Show only Files" and "search subject" cannot be used together.
  • Application:
    Select the applications you want to search. You can select multiple applications.
  • Updated by:
    You can filter the search target with an updated user.
  • Period:
    Set the period to search.
  • Language:
    Set the language that you want to search.

Image of the search results screen

Search target list for standard search and full text search

In "Garoon standard search" and "Full text search", applications for search are different.
If you want to search data for applications that do not support full text search, use Garoon standard search.

List of applications that support each search feature

You can check the specifications for each search by clicking the .

  Full text search Standard Search
User search  





Bulletin Board



Phone Messages  

Address Book  





Search available to users

In Garoon, the available search functions differ between the system administration screen and the user screen.

System administration Screen

When you search from the System Administration screen, you can search each application for data that the system administrator can view. The general user is not available.
On the System Administration screen, the position of the search box is different from the user screen.

Images describing the position of the search box

a): Search for each application that is displayed on the System Administration screen
User screen

To search from the user screen, you can use full text search and standard search.
The user has a different search function and search target.

Images describing the search box's position and the search target

a): Full text Search
b): Search for each application