E-mail Full text Search Specifications

This section describes the search specifications for e-mails.
The following e-mails cannot be searched:

  • E-mails that have not been marked as read
  • Draft e-mails
  • Trash Mail

Items that can be searched on the user screen

The following items can be searched by entering keywords in the search box on the user screen

Search items Remarks
Attachment file name  
Attachment contents  

Options available for searching

On the "Search results" screen, you can search by using the following options

  • Keyword:
    Enter the keywords you want to search.
  • Sort by:
    Set the display order of search results.
    • Relevance:
      This item is displayed in order of relevance, based on the frequency of keywords and the spacing of keywords in the data.
    • Updated:
      The updated date and time are displayed in the new order.
  • Search subjects:
    Search e-mails containing keywords in subject.
  • Search folders:
    Set the folder that you want to search in.
  • From:
    You can filter the search target using the e-mail sender. Enter a name or part of the e-mail address in the "from" field.
    You can also empty the "keywords" field and search only the e-mail of the sender you entered in the "from" field.
  • To, Cc, Bcc:
    You can filter searches by e-mail recipients.
    You can also empty the "keywords" field and search only e-mail recipients entered in the "to, Cc, and Bcc" fields.
  • Period:
    Set the period to search.
  • Language:
    Set the language that you want to search.