Search Keywords

This section describes search keywords that are entered in the search box in full text search.

Search method

This section describes search methods available for full text search.

Single-keyword search

Enter only one keyword you want to search.

AND Search

Use the and search to search data that contains all the specified keywords.
Inserts a space or a "and" between keywords.
Garoon AND Office AND kintone
Garoon Office kintone

OR Search

Use OR search when you want to search data with one of the specified keywords.
Inserts an "OR" between keywords.
Garoon OR Office OR kintone

NOT Searching

If you want to search data that excludes keywords after NOT, use NOT search.

  • To search with a keyword from a specific keyword Enter "NOT to exclude keywords".
    Cybozu NOT Garoon
Phrase Search

When you want to search data that are lined up in the same order that you entered, use phrase search.
Enclose the phrase you want to search in double quotation marks.
"Cybozu Garoon"

Symbol that can be searched

The following symbols can be used in full-text search.


Symbols that cannot be searched

Garoon does not support wildcard search.
Any of the following symbols in a search keyword is interpreted as a space in a search process.
For example, if*you search by entering "bulletin board", The search results will be the same as when the phrase search is used in the "Board" field.


Notes on searching in Japanese and Chinese

To search data other than category names in Bulletin board and folder names in Cabinet, the keyword must be one or more characters.
Example of searching data with a value of "Japanese"

  • Keywords you can search
    "Japan", "English", or "Japanese"
  • Keywords cannot be searched.
    Day, book, or Word

Notes on searching in alphanumeric characters

Data other than category names in Bulletin Board and folder names in Cabinet can be searched by a word. Alphanumeric characters separated by a space or a double-byte character will be recognized as a word.
Searching is not case-sensitive.
Example of searching data with a value of "Garoon":

  • Keywords you can search
  • Keywords cannot be searched.