Space is an application that allows the members from different organizations collaborate on projects.
It helps to consolidate discussions, shared To-Dos, and attachments to clarify "who" should do "what" by "when" to achieve the goals.
System administrator and the application administrators can set initial values of the way to make space public, and set categories.
You can limit the size of attachments in the general Settings of the file .

Users Who Can Manage Spaces

The following users can manage spaces:

  • System administrators:
    Users who belong to Administrators role.
  • Space application administrators:
    Users who are granted the administrative privileges to manage spaces from the system administrator.
    You can do the same tasks as the system administrator on the spaces.
  • Space Administrators:
    Member of the space who are granted the administrative privileges.
    If you do not set space administrators, all members of the space become space administrators.

The actions available on spaces for each type of administrator are as follows:

Action System administrators
Space application administrators
Space administrators
Setting categories  
Viewing private spaces  
Editing spaces
Editing memo in spaces
Moving spaces
Deleting spaces
Deleting spaces in bulk  
Adding folders
Editing folders
Deleting folders Can only delete a folder that does not contain any discussions. Can only delete a folder that does not contain any discussions.
Add discussions
Editing discussions
Moving discussions Can move discussions only within the same space. You can move discussions to a space that you want to manage and to another space that is set for members.
Deleting discussions
Editing shared To-Dos
Deleting shared To-Dos
Deleting comments  
Deleting attachments  

Setting up the Respond Feature

By using the respond feature, you can make a quick response to the message content or any comments.
Users can show their intension by clicking a link such as "Like" and "Acknowledged" without posting any comment.

Image of a comment answered using the respond feature

The following settings can be configured on the "Management" page in the system administration:

  • Activating or deactivating the respond feature:
    For details, see the "Using Applications" section.
  • Changing the label of "Like":
    For details, see Respond.