Office Settings

The system administrator may set up a working time and a calendar for each office, if the business hours and holidays vary for each of them.
Users can customize office information that has been applied by the system administrator and set up their own office information.
Customized office information can only be used by the user who has set it up.

When you set the workday and the workday, the "Group Day View" screen of the scheduler and the Check Appointment screen of the nonworking time are grayed out.
This helps other users check the uptime.

Example of the "Group Day View" screen where the nonworking time can be seen at a glance

  1. Click the "User name" in the header.

  2. Click "Personal settings".

  3. Select "Common settings" tab.

  4. Click "Calendar".

  5. Click "Office Settings".

  6. In the "Office Settings" screen, select the office where you want to customize the settings.

    If you select the item for user-specific settings, you can set the office only for that user.
    When you select an office set by your system administrator, you can customize the office information set by your system administrator.
    If you have customized the office that is set by your system administrator, "(customized)" is displayed after the office name.

    Image of selecting an office to set

  7. Set the required items for the advanced settings.

    • Working day:
      Select the day of the week the office is running.
    • Uptime:
      Set the time period when the office is running. Multiple time periods can be set.
    • Calendars:
      From a calendar created by your system administrator, select the calendar that you want to apply to the office.
      The calendar includes work days and holidays.
      To apply the calendar workdays to the office, select the "Apply Calendar workdays" check box.
    Image of configuring the advanced settings

  8. Confirm your settings and click "Save".