Editing User Profile

Change your user details such as your e-mail address or the contact information.
Depending on your system administrator settings, you may not be able to change some of the items in the user information.

  1. Click the "User name" in the header.

  2. Click "Edit".

    Image of the link to edit

  3. On "Edit user profile" screen, change the fields as necessary.

    • Name:
      • Standard:
        Set the default user name and language.
      • English spelling:
        English spelling of the user name.
    • Locale:
      The locale that is used by the user. For details, see Locale Settings.
    • Office:
      This is the office that is used by the user. For details, see the Office Settings section.
    • Priority organization
      It is the organization with priority which is displayed on top when you select users for viewing appointments and selecting recipients of messages.
    • Pronunciation
      Enter the pronunciation of the name.
    • E-mail
      Enter an e-mail address.
    • Memo
      Enter the notes that are displayed on the profile screen.
    • Job title
      Enter the job title in the organization.
    • Contacts
      Enter the contact information such as phone numbers and extension numbers.
    • URL
      Enter the URL of a Web page related to you.
    • Picture
      Set up your profile picture.
      If your system administrator allows you to view the profile image, the registered images are reflected in the user icon which is shown in phone messages and user list.
    "Edit user profile" screen

  4. Confirm your settings and click "Save".