Working with Text Formats

This section describes how to use the text format.
If your system administrator allows you to use the text format, you can use it in the body of the topics and the body of the messages.

  1. In the input field where you can use the text format, select the item to use text format.

    Image of switching to Text format

  2. Edit comments and body text using the following text formatting features.

    Description Description
    Font size Changes the font size of characters.
    Image of changing the font size
    Bold Makes text bold.
    Italic Makes text italic.
    Underline Adds an underline to the character.
    Strikethrough Adds a strikethrough to the character.
    Text color Changes the text color.
    Image of changing the color of characters
    Background color Changes the background color of the text.
    To remove the background color, select the target range and select the same color as the current background.
    Image of changing the background color
    Clear Formatting Clears the formatting that you have set.
    The default format is applied when you clear formatting.
    Bullets Creates bulleted list Symbols are added at the beginning of each line.
    Numbered list Makes the texts into numbered list. Sequential numbers are added at the beginning of each line.
    Left adjusted Aligns lines as left-justified.
    Centered Aligns the rows to the center.
    Right adjusted Aligns lines to the right-justified.
    Remove indent Removes indent
    Add indent Sets indent
    Quote Indicates that the text is quoted.
    Image of quoted text
    Inserting and editing links Sets hyperlinks to characters.
    When you click the icon to insert or edit links, the link settings screen is displayed.
    Hyperlink settings screen
    Deleting links Removes link
    Insert Table Inserts a table.
    When you click the insert icon in the table, a menu is displayed to set the cells of the table to insert.
    Insert table screen

    When you click the inserted table, a menu appears.
    • When you click on the left side:
      A menu for creating a table is displayed.
      Image of the table menu
    • When you click on the right side:
      The following menus are displayed.
      • Deleting tables
      • Changing background color
      • Changing color of borders
    Inserting and editing images Files with ".gif", ".jpeg", ".png", and ".bmp" extensions can be inserted.
    Your system administrator configures the maximum size of a file which can be inserted. For details, see how to set file size limits.
    Inserting and editing images are available in the following features.
    • HTML portlet:
      You can use images only while configuring HTML portlet in the system administration screen.
    • Body text and comments of topics:
      By clicking the insert/edit link icon, setting screen for images appears.
    Image of inserting and editing images
    Preview Previews text