Working with Mentions

This section describes how to use the mention feature.
The mention feature is used to clarify who is the target for the added comments.
This feature is useful in the following situations.

  • When you need urgent attention from the users who receive too many update notifications to read new ones.
  • When you want the users to read comments who disabled the notification or who are not the recipients of the notifications.

When specified as a recipient, "@ To me" notifications are displayed in the notification list in addition to regular update notifications.

Applications that Can Use the Mention Feature

You can use this feature in the comment field of the following applications.
Users, organizations, and roles can be specified as recipients.

  • Space discussions
  • Scheduler1
  • Messages
1: Available in Garoon version 5.5.0 or later.

Mentioning the Recipients

Specify the recipient of the comment.

  1. Display the comment field of applications where you can use the mention feature.

  2. Click "@Mention" to display the recipients field.

    Image describing the items of the mention feature

  3. Enter the user name in the recipient field and specify the recipients.

    Image of selecting the recipients

    When you start entering the recipient information, the suggestions for recipients are displayed.

    • If the recipient is a user:
      • Name
      • Localized display names
      • Pronunciation
      • Login name
      • E-mail address
    • If the recipient is an organization:
      • Organization name data
      • Localized display names
    • If the recipient is a role:
      • Group (role) name

  4. Confirm the specified recipients and the display order.

    You can change the order of recipients by drag and drop.
    Image of changing the display order of recipients

    You can delete the specified recipients by mousing over the specified recipients and clicking Image of the delete button.

    • If the recipient is a user:
      You can check the profile of users by clicking the specified users.
    • If the recipient is an organization:
      When you click the organization that you have specified as the recipient, you can check who is in the organization.
    • If the recipient is a role:
      By clicking the specified role, you can check who has been assigned to the role.

  5. Enter a comment and click "Post".

If the Recipient Was Specified Incorrectly

Mention feature requires you to specify the recipients from the suggestions based on the characters you entered.

Image of recipients specified correctly

Addresses that are not specified correctly, such as users who do not have accounts in Garoon, are deleted from the input field and cannot be used as the recipients.

Image of recipients specified incorrectly

a): Recipients who have been deleted from the input field

Checking the Mentioned Notifications

You will be notified when you are mentioned using one of the following.

  • Name
  • Organizations you belong to
  • Roles that you have set

Notifications that you have mentioned yourself are not notified.

To Check Notifications in "Notifications"

Notifications is an application that allows you to view notifications on updates for each application.
By writing a comment by mentioning the recipient, the users specified as the recipients can filter only the notifications addressed to them in the list.
For details on the Notifications, see the explanation on checking the notifications.

Image of confirming the notifications of mentions in the Notifications screen

To Check Notifications Using the "Notifications" Portlet

If your system administrator or users have set up the "Notifications" portlet in the portal, you can check the notifications on the top page.
For details of the Notifications portlet, see Notifications Portlet.

Image of confirming the notifications of mentions in the Notifications portlet