Exporting E-mails to Text Files

You can export e-mails to text files.
Only file names are exported for mail attachments.
The draft e-mails are not exported to files.

  1. Click the app icon in the header.

  2. Click "E-mail".

  3. On the "E-mail" screen, select a folder and display the "Save as file" screen.

    The steps to display the "Save as file" screen vary depending on the view that you are using.

    • When preview is shown
    1. Select an e-mail and click "Save as file" on the  "Options" icon.

      Image of the Export to file link on the preview enclosed in a red frame

    • When preview is hidden
    1. Click the subject of the e-mail you want to export to a file.
    2. On the "E-mail details" screen, click "Save as file" under "Options".

      Image of the Export to file link enclosed in a red frame on a window without preview

  4. On the "Save as file" screen, set the character encoding.

    The following character encoding can be selected:

    • Unicode (UTF-8)
    • Japanese (Shift-JIS)
    • ASCII
    • Latin1 (ISO-8859-1)
    • Simplified Chinese (GB2312)
    • Thai (TIS-620)

    When the "Do not show this screen from the next time" check box is selected, an e-mail is exported to a file without displaying the "Save as file" screen.

  5. Confirm your settings and click "Export".

  6. Save the file with a function provided by your Web browser.