Setting up Update Notifications

You can set update notifications for folders.
When you set up update notifications, you can receive notifications when you receive a new e-mail in the specified folder.
You cannot set update notifications for the Trash folder.
On the "E-mail" screen, Notifications are enabled is shown on the right of the folder names where update notifications have been set.

  1. Click the "User name" in the header.

  2. Click "Personal settings".

  3. Select the "Setting of each application" tab.

  4. Click "E-mail".

  5. Click "Edit notifications".

  6. On the "Edit notifications" screen, configure the item for selecting e-mail accounts.

    Select an e-mail account from the drop-down list to configure update notifications.

  7. In the "Update Notifications folder" field, select the check boxes for the folders for which you want to set update notifications.

    Image of configuring update notifications

  8. Confirm your settings and click "Save".