Creating Spaces

Create a space.

  1. Click the app icon in the header.

  2. Click "Space".

  3. On the My Space screen, click "New Space".

    Image of the action link for creating a space enclosed in a red frame

  4. On the "Create Spaces" screen, enter a space name.

    You should set the space names.
    Clicking "Add localized name" allows you to set space names in multiple languages.
    If you do not set the space name in the user preference language, the default space name is displayed.
    The following languages can be set:

    • 日本語
    • English
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
      Exported in Traditional Chinese.
    Image of entering a space name

  5. Set the "Category" field.

    You should set the category.
    The default value is the "General" category. You can change the category by clicking the item to change it.
    Image of entering category item

  6. In the "Icon" field, select an icon.

    The icon that you set appears at the beginning of the space name in the list of spaces and notifications.
    Image of configuring the icon

  7. In the "Members" field, set up users, organizations, or roles to join the space.

    Image of configuring members

  8. In the "Administrators" field, select whether to set the space administrator.

    Space administrators are users who have been granted the following actions.

    • Deleting spaces
    • Changing space information, such as space name and members
    • Changing the memo
      Deleting all the discussions in the space If you do not set the space administrator, all members of the space will be able to perform the above actions.

    To set the space administrator, select the check box to set the space administrator, and then select the administrator user, organization, or role from the members of the space.

    Image of configuring the space administrator

  9. Set the "Expiration date" field.

    Set the expiration date of the space in one of the following ways.

    • Unlimited:
      The expiration date can be set indefinitely only if the system administrator has allowed it.
      For details, see how to restrict configuring unlimited expiration date.
    • Set expiration date:
      Set the expiration date and time.
    Image of setting the expiration date

  10. Set the "Join and leave permissions" field.

    To allow the following actions, select the "Allow members to join and leave the space" check box:

    • Users who are not members to join the space
    • Members to leave the space
    Image of configuring the permission for join and leave

  11. Set the "Visibility" field.

    The following methods can be set.

    • Public:
      All users who are logged in to Garoon are able to view them.
    • Private:
      Only members of the space can view them.

    The default visibility is different base on the system administrator's settings.

    Image of configuring the visibility

  12. Confirm your settings and click "Create".

Reusing a Space to Create a New One

Create a new space by reusing a space that has been created.
The following information of the original space is inherited in the reused space.

  • Space
  • Category
  • Icon
  • Members
  • Space administrators
  • Space Expiration Date
  • The title of the selected discussion
  • Memo
  • Join and leave permissions for spaces
  • Visibility
  1. Click the app icon in the header.

  2. Click "Space".

  3. Click the space name of the space you want to reuse.

  4. On the "Space" screen, click the item to reuse spaces in options.

    Image of the action link for reusing a space enclosed in a red frame

  5. On the screen for reusing spaces, set the fields as necessary.

  6. Confirm your settings and click "Create".