Setting up Appointment Types

The appointment type is a feature that allows you to view the appointment types concisely.
Even if the title is difficult to determine the contents of an appointment, the appointment type can be used to simplify the appointment. In addition, you can quickly add an appointment because you can save time of entering the title of the appointment.
The appointment type items can be configured not only by the system administrator but also by users. Added appointment menus are available only to users who have added them.
It is convenient to set up an appointment type that is frequently used, such as business trips and meetings.

Image of displaying appointment types

a): This appointment has been added by using the appointment type set by your system administrator. The appointment type is color coded.

b): This appointment has been added using the appointment type that has been set by the user. The appointment type is not color coded.

  1. Click the "User name" in the header.

  2. Click "Personal settings".

  3. Select the "Setting of each application" tab.

  4. Click "Scheduler".

  5. Click the item to set appointment types.

  6. On the appointment type settings screen, enter an appointment type.

    Enter one appointment type in one line.

  7. Confirm your settings and click "Save".