How to View the Screen

This section describes icons and buttons that are displayed on the Address Book screen.

"Address Book" screen

A list of addresses is displayed. Addresses are displayed in each book.
You cannot change the order of the address book entries.
The order of addresses is as follows

  • Address Book, Personal Address Book
    The address is sorted by the first character of "name (pronunciation)".
    If "name (pronunciation)" has not been set, it is sorted by the first character of "Display name".
  • User List
    Users are sorted by display priority.
    If multiple users have the same visibility priority, the user information is displayed in the order in which they are added.

You can change the items that are displayed in the address list of each book in personal settings.

Address Book Screen

Description of Parts
Number Description
1 List of books
  • My address Group
    Addresses added to the My address group are displayed.
  • User List
    Users of Garoon are displayed.
  • Personal Address Book
    This is an individual address book.
  • Shared Address Book
    The Address book you want to share with other users. Created by your system administrator.
2 Add Address Link:
Add an address.
3 Items for Search:
  • Address Book Search button:
    Enter keywords to search the address book.
  • Advanced search link:
    Search the Address Book by entering search conditions.
4 Links for Narrowing addresses:
In the Personal Address Book and the shared address Book, you can filter the address using the first character of "personal name (pronunciation)".
When you click a letter or alphabet, a list of addresses starting with the selected characters is displayed.
  • 日本語:
    Single-byte, single-byte, hiragana, katakana, voiced (e.g.), and semi-voiced sound (eg: PA) are not distinguished.
  • 英語:
    Single-byte, single-byte, uppercase, and lowercase letters are not distinguished.
If "personal name (pronunciation)" has not been set, or if "personal name (pronunciation)" is not used, the address cannot be filtered.
  • Select a check box:
    Click to select all check boxes. The check boxes are deselected when you click it again.
  • Delete button:
    Delete the selected addresses.
6 List of addresses
  • Display Name Link:
    The "Address Details" screen is displayed.

User List screen

A list of users registered in Garoon is displayed.

"User List" screen

Description of Parts
Number Description
1 User-Selected part:
Select the organization or user who you want to view the user information.
2 Items for Search:
  • User List Search] Button:
    Enter keywords to search users.
  • Advanced search link:
    Search for users by entering search conditions.
3 User list:
  • User name and image
    The "User Details" screen is displayed when clicked.
  • Presence Link:
    Click to display the user's presence information.

The "My address Group" screen

My address groups are groups of addresses that you use frequently, from user list, personal address books, and shared address books.
The "My Address Group" screen displays the My address group and the addresses that are referenced in the group.

My Address Groups screen

Description of Parts
Number Description
  • Add my address group link:
    Add a My address group.
  • Reorder my address groups Links:
    Change the order in which the My addresses are displayed.
2 My address groups
The added My address group.
3 Details Link:
The "My Address group Details" screen appears.
4 Change addresses in the My Address group link:
Change the address that you want to set in the My address group.
5 Memo field:
Memo in my address group.

Address details screen

Edit the address information.

Address Details Screen

Description of Parts
Number Description
1 "Change" Link:
Edit the address.
2 Reuse Link:
Reuse addresses to add another address.
3 "Delete" Link:
Delete the address.
4 Copy to other book link:
Add a copy of the address to the other book. Addresses in the shared address book cannot be copied to the Personal Address Book.
5 View related reports Link:
This is displayed when a report that has been created in Multireport is associated with an address.
Click to display a list of reports.