Adding To-Dos

Add to-do.
The Garoon has a shared to-dos and space to-Dos, and the following points are different

  • To-Do
    Manage personal tasks. Cannot be shared with other users.
    Only registered users can view the To-Dos.
  • Shared To-Dos in Space
    On the "shared to-do" screen of a space.
    Assign assignees to To-Dos to share the progress of work among space members.
    You can assign multiple users to the to-do Tasks. You can also change the assignee after adding To-Dos.
    Shared to-Dos add to-do to associate to and from a space discussion.
    For information on working with shared space to-Dos, see the following page
    Adding Shared To-Dos
    Completing My To-Dos
    Editing shared To-Dos
    Deleting shared To-Dos
  1. Click the app icon in the header.

  2. Click to-Do list.

  3. On the "to-do List" screen, select a category and click "Add to-do".

    Image of adding To-Do

  4. On the "Add to-do" screen, select the category for which you want to add to-do in category items.

    If the category does not exist, add a category.
    For details, refer to the setting of the To-Do list category.
    Images with settings for the category to be placed

  5. Enter the "to-do" field.

    Always set the To-Do name.
    Image of entering a To-Do name

  6. Set the "Deadline" field as required.

    • When you set a deadline
      Deselect the "No deadlines" check box, and then select the date and the month from the drop-down list.

      Images with a deadline selected

    • If you do not set a deadline
      Select the "No Deadline" check box.

      Images with the "No Deadline" check box selected

  7. Set the "Importance" field.

    The larger the number of stars, the higher the importance.
    Image with priority

  8. Set the Memo field as necessary.

  9. Confirm your settings and click "Add".