Managing Logs Using CSV Files

Export the Garoon logs to CSV files.
Only logs that are not archived can be exported to CSV files.

Exporting Data to a CSV File

  1. Click the Administration menu icon (gear icon) in the header.

  2. Click "System settings".

  3. Select "Basic system administration" tab.

  4. Click "Logging".

  5. Click "Log List".

  6. On the "Log List" screen, click "Export Log".

    Image of the action link to export a log

  7. Set the required items, and click "Export".

    Image of the Export log screen

    • Category
    • Target severity:
      The following types can be selected:
      • General
      • Important
      • Warning
      • Error
    • Period to export:
      You can select one of the following options:
      • All periods: Select to output all unarchived logs.
      • Specify period: Specify the date, in which you want to export logs.
    • Character encoding:
      Select the character code that you want to use for encoding.
      Following character codes can be selected.
      • Japanese (Shift-JIS)
      • ASCII
      • Latin1 (ISO-8859-1)
      • Simplified Chinese (GB2312)
      • Thai (TIS-620)
    • Include header row:
      To export an item name to the header row of a CSV file, select "Yes".

  8. Check your settings and click "Export".

  9. Save the file with a function provided by your Web browser.