Drop-Down List Settings

You can set the contents to be displayed as recently selected items in the drop-down list on the User Actions screen.
The following drop-down lists can be configured.

  • Selecting organizations
  • Selecting users
  • Selecting facility groups
  • Selecting facilities

Image of a drop-down list enclosed in a red frame

  1. Click the Administration menu icon (gear icon) in the header.

  2. Click "System settings".

  3. Select "Basic system administration" tab.

  4. Click "Screen".

  5. Click Drop-down List Settings.

  6. In the "Personal settings" field on the drop-down list settings screen, you can set whether to allow each users to configure the drop-down list in their personal settings.

    Image of personal settings

  7. In the Number of Items field, set the number of items to display in the drop-down list for recently selected items.

    Image of the number of items field

  8. To delete the history of a recently selected item, select the check box for the item you want to delete in the "Delete history" field.

    The selection history of selected items in the drop-down list is also deleted.
    Deleted history cannot be restored.
    Image of the history removal item

  9. Confirm your settings and click "Save".