Logs of Request Visibility

Action Level log
Add new entry Important [create] public_add (uids_1:**, gids_1:**, srids_1:**, drids_1:**, security_modex:'**', authority:'**')
Delete user rights Important [delete] public_delete_multi (cid:**, uids_1:**, gids_1:**, srids_1:**, drids_1:**)
Delete all permissions Important [delete] public_delete_all (cid:**)
Change security model Important [modify] public_model_modify (cid:**, security_model:'**')
Properties Meaning Remarks
authority Permissions Displays one of the following values:
  • on
  • off
cid Category ID  
Integers starting with Drids_ Dynamic Role ID  
Integers starting with Gids_ Group ID  
security_model Security model One of the following values is displayed:
  • grant
  • revoke
Integers starting with Srids_ Static Role ID  
Integers starting with Uids_ User ID