Logs of Request Form List

Action Level Log
Adding Categories Important [create] category_add (cid:**, name:**, foreign_key:**, memo:**)
Change categories Important [modify] category_modify (cid:**, name:**, foreign_key:**, memo:**)
Move categories Important [modify] category_move (cid:**, s_cid:**)
Delete categories Important [delete] category_delete (cid:**)
Reorder subcategories Important [modify] category_order (cids_1:**)
Add Request Form Important [create] form_add (cid:**, fid:**, name:**, foreign_key:**, memo:**)
Copying Request Forms Important [create] form_copy (fids_1:**)
Deleting a request form in bulk Important [delete] form_delete_multi (fids_1:**)
Delete all Forms Important [delete] form_delete_all (cid:**)
Import XML from a request form Important [import] form_import (forms_1:**, items_1:**, paths_1:**, path_steps_1:**, path_skips_1:**, path_conditions_1:**)
Export a request form to XML Important [export] form_export
Adding a separator line Important [create] form_separator_add (cid:**, fid:**)
Reorder request form or separator lines Important [modify] form_order (cid:**, fids_1:**)
Properties Meaning Remarks
cid Category ID  
cids_[integer starting from 1] Category ID  
fid Request form ID  
fids_[integer starting from 1] Request form ID  
foreign_key Category Code
Request Form Code
forms_[integer starting from 1] Request Form FOREIGN key  
items_[integer starting from 1] Request Item FOREIGN Key  
memo Memo  
name Category names
Form name
path_conditions_[integer starting from 1] Route branching condition Name  
path_skips_[integer starting from 1] Branching item ID for route  
path_steps_[integer starting from 1] Step FOREIGN Key  
paths_[integer starting from 1] Route FOREIGN Key  
s_cid Parent category ID