Want to receive e-mail notifications to add or change appointments

By configuring both of the following items, you can receive e-mail notifications when your appointments are added or updated.

To increase the number of appointment items

In Garoon after version 5.5.0, you can use the JavaScript API to add items to the "Appointment details" screen. Image of Appointment details screen with an added item For details on how to use JavaScript API, see the page on cybozu developer network.

We want to synchronize the Garoon appointment with Google calendar

You cannot synchronize appointments in Garoon with Google Calendar.
However, you can export appointments in Garoon to a iCalendar file, and import it to your Google Calendar.
For details, see Export Appointment Data to iCalendar Files.

To use the Web Conference (V-CUBE meeting)

To use Web conferences, you set up both of the following.

To change the first group displayed on the "Group Day View" and "Group Week View" screen

You cannot change the initial group.
For "Group Week view" and "Group Day view", the screens show members of "Priority Department".
Once the group is shown, you can change it to any groups.

Alternatively, you can show the desired groups by placing Scheduler (Group Week View) portlet or Scheduler (Day View) portlet in portals.
For details of how to set up My Portal, see Configuring Portlets in My Portal.

Want to change the way to view appointments when you open the "scheduler" screen?

You cannot change the initial view shown by clicking "Scheduler" in application menu.
When "Scheduler" screen appears, it shows group week appointments.
Once the group week appointments screen appears, you can change the view to any one.