Logs of Exporting Scheduler Data to CSV Files

Action Level log
Export an appointment Important [export] system_event (uid/oid/fid:**, display_name:'**')
Export facility Information Important [export] facility
Export facility Name Important [export] facility_local (faid:'**', languageCode:'**', facility_name:'**')
Export Facility Group Information Important [export] facilitygroup
Export Facility Group Name Important [export] facilitygroup_local (fgid:'**', languageCode:'**', facilitygroup_name:'**')
Export operational administrative privileges Important [export] privilege
Exporting User Rights Important [export] access
Export default watchers Important [export] default_public_destination
Properties Meaning Remarks
display_name Output user name/organization name  
facility_name Facility Name  
facilitygroup_name Facility Group Display Name  
faid Facility ID  
fgid Facility Group ID  
fid Facility ID  
languageCode Language code Displays one of the following values:
  • ja (Japanese)
  • en (English)
  • zh (Simplified Chinese)
  • zh-tw (Traditional Chinese)
    This is used for Chinese characters displayed in Traditional Chinese.
oid Organization ID  
uid User ID