Unable to Log in as a Users & System Administrator

If you cannot log in as a Users & System Administrator, log in as a "temporary administrator" instead and reset the password for Users & System Administrator.

You can create a temporary administrator in cybozu.com Store. Once you reset the password successfully, delete the temporary administrator you created.

  1. Log in to cybozu.com Store, select "Domains", and click Users & System Administrator tab.
    If you cannot log in to cybozu.com Store, refer to this page.

  2. Enter a password, and then click Add.

  3. Check the e-mail delivered to cybozu.com Store administrator.

    • Subject: [cybozu.com_Store]_Security Settings Configured
    • Body text: The login name of temporary administrator is displayed.
  4. Access Users & System Administration (https://subdomain name.cybozu.com/admin/) and log in as a temporary administrator.
    Use the login name you have checked in Step 3 and the password you set in Step 2.

  5. In "Departments & Users", click Edit User icon of the user who is assigned as Users & System Administrator.

  6. Click "Change Password".

  7. Enter a new password and then click "Save and Send via E-mail" or "Change Password".

    • Generate automatically: Use the automatically generated string as a new password.
    • Enter manually: Use the password that the administrator entered as a new password. You can enter a new password.
  8. Log out from Users & System as a temporary administrator, and log in again as a Users & System Administrator.

  9. In "Departments & Users", click Edit User icon of "Temporary Administrator Account:*****".

  10. Click "Delete This User".