File Format for Services Available for Users

This page describes the format of a file for adding or changing the services available for users. For details on how to import a file, refer to the following section:
Creating and Editing Services Available for Users in Bulk

Example File to Import the Services Available for Users

Each row contains the information of one user. To allow a user to use multiple services, list the service codes, with one service for each column.

Login Name Service Code 1 Service Code 2 Service Code 3
takahashi ki gr sa
kato ki sa  
suzuki gr    

Fields and Their Values

Note the following:

  • Importing a file does not change the services available for existing users, unless their login names are specified in the import file.
  • Specifying no service codes removes all available services from that user.
Field Name Required Description
Login Name   ✔  
Service Code   Specify one of the following two-character strings to identify a service available to the user:
- kintone: ki
- Garoon: gr
- Cybozu Office: of
- Mailwise: mw
- Client certificate authentication: sa