Basic Authentication

Article Number:02044

Basic Authentication requires, in addition to each user's login name and password, input of credentials specified by administrators.
Since Basic Authentication is a simple authentication method, note that its security level is low.

To configure Basic Authentication, you need to configure IP Address Restrictions as well.
Overview of Basic authentication

If Basic Authentication Is Configured

When Basic Authentication has been configured, users are required to be authenticated in two steps as described below, whenever they access from IP addresses that are not allowed access in IP Address Restrictions setting.
When users access from IP addresses that are allowed access in IP Address Restrictions setting, they are required to be authenticated only by the method in STEP 2.

  • STEP 1: Enter the user name and password used for Basic Authentication
    This user name and password are shared between all users.
    The entry screen may look different depending on the operating system or Web browser. Screen for Basic authentication
  • STEP 2: Enter the user name and password for Login screen for

Users Who Can Configure Basic Authentication

  • Store Administrator
  • Users & System Administrators who have permission to configure access control

For details, refer to "Types of Administrators".


Described below is the procedure to configure Basic Authentication.

If Configured by Store Administrators

  1. Access Store.

  2. Log in by entering the e-mail address and password of a Store Administrator. Login Security If you forgot your login information, refer to "Cannot Log In to Store".

  3. Click "Domains".

  4. Click "Security & Authentication" tab.
    Select the domain you want from the drop-down list, if multiple domains are owned. Domain management screen

  5. Configure IP Address Restrictions.
    For details, refer to "IP Address Restrictions".

  6. Click Change in the "Basic Authentication" section.
    If IP Address Restrictions has not been configured, "Change" will not be displayed. Domain management screen

  7. Enter the user name and password used for Basic authentication, and then click Save. Domain management screen

    • User Name
      You can use alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-), and underscores (_).
      The maximum length is 127 characters.
      The user name is case-sensitive.
    • Password
      You can use alphanumeric and special characters (such as +, -, and ;).
      The length must be between 5 and 64 characters.
      The user name is case-sensitive.

Once the configuration completes, an e-mail is sent to the e-mail address of Store Administrator.

If Configured by Users & System Administrators

When you are allowed to configure access control, you can use the following procedure to configure Basic authentication.

  1. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click "Users & System Administration".

    The location of the link is different in each service you are using.
    Example of Link

    Image that shows how the administration screen is displayed

  3. Click Access Control. Image of Access Control

  4. Click "Configure Now" or "Go to the Store".
    The appearance of this link varies depending on the settings of Store.
    Example of link Example of link

  5. For the subsequent procedures, refer to "When Store Administrators Configure This Feature".