How to View the Portal

The top page of kintone is referred to as the portal.
The portal provides an entry point to kintone. In the portal, you can go to apps or spaces you want to use, and check notifications.

Field Description
1 Image: Opens the side menu for navigating to each feature (App/Space/People) on kintone.
Image: Displays the portal.
Image: Displays a list of notifications.
Image: Bookmarks pages or displays your bookmarks.
2 Displays tutorials, adds sample apps, creates apps from Excel files, and also displays support contents and help. System administrators can use this to invite team members or contact Cybozu.
This is available only during the trial period.
3 Configures your personal settings and operates and configures kintone in various ways.
The system administrator can access the system administration setting from here.
4 Displays tours and help.
The system administrator can contact Cybozu from here.
5 Displays your People.
6 Configures your account settings or logs out of kintone.
7 Search for data in kintone.
8 Creates apps and spaces.
The system administrator can configure the portal from here.
9 Displays announcements to users.
Only the system administrator can edit announcements.
10 Displays the number of records assigned to you for each app that uses the Process Management feature.
11 Displays notifications from apps, spaces, and People.
12 Lists spaces.
You can use the drop-down list to change which space to display as follows:Note that only "joined Spaces" are displayed for guest users.
13 Lists apps.
You can use the drop-down list to change which apps to display as follows:
  • Favorite Apps
  • Created Apps
  • All Apps
Note that apps that have not been activated (apps that are under development and not yet published) are not displayed. Also, note that "Created Apps" are not displayed for guest users.