Duplicating Graphs

To create a new graph, you can duplicate (copy) an existing graph.
Duplicating graphs requires management permission for the app.
Note that you cannot duplicate periodic reports.

Duplicating a Graph on the App Settings Page

To duplicate a graph, use the following procedure:

  1. Click the app setting button Setting button on the upper right of the record view, and select "Graphs".

  2. Select a graph to duplicate and click Duplicate. Screen of Graphs tab Clicking Duplicate creates a new graph with the original name followed by "- Copy".

  3. Click Edit to change the graph name or graph contents. Duplicated graph

  4. Click Update App in the upper right.

The graph has been successfully duplicated.

In addition to the app settings page described above, the record list screen also allows you to reuse (copy) an existing graph to create a new graph.
Reusing graphs to create new graphs requires management permission for the app.

The following describes how to use the record list screen to select a graph, change the graph options, and save the graph as a new one.

title: Reusing Existing Graphs to Configure New Graphs in the Record View

  1. In the "Record List" screen for the app, select a graph to be copied in "Graphs". Image

  2. Click the Create Graph button Column chart button. Image

  3. If necessary, change the graph options and click "Save". Image

  4. Enter the graph name and then click "OK".