Exporting Summarized Results to a File

This section explains exporting summarized results to a CSV file in the list view format.

To export summarized results to a CSV file:

  1. Display summarized results to be exported and click ・・・ > "Export to CSV File". Image
  2. Set the following items:
    • Include header row
      Select this check box if you want to export the item names of the table to the file.
    • Character Encoding
      Select the character encoding of the file to which the result is to be exported.
      To view the exported file in the Japanese version of Excel, select "Shift JIS".
      For details on which character encoding to use, see the following page:
      How Can I Specify Character Encoding When Exporting Data to a File?
    • Delimiter
      Select a delimiter in the item.
  3. Click "Export".

Exporting Pivot Tables in Excel Format

Pivot tables that are summarized in apps can be exported in Excel format.
Display summarized results to be exported, click ・・・ on the upper right side of the screen, and then click "Save as Excel File". Image