Retrieving Embed Tags for Summarized Results

You can retrieve HTML codes (embed tags) to embed graphs and tables of kintone apps into pages on external sites.
An embed tag can be retrieved only for the graphs that are saved in the app.
Note that graphs and tables that you embed into pages on external sites will appear for viewers only when the viewers are logged into

  1. In the "Record List" screen of the app, select a graph from which an embed tag is to be retrieved. Image
  2. Click Save button on the upper right side of the screen and click "Embed Tag". Image
  3. From "Embed Tag", copy the embed tag.
  4. Paste the copied tag to the HTML source of the site to which the graph is to be embedded.

Embedding Summarized Results of Apps into the Garoon Portal

You can use embed tags to embed graphs and tables of apps into the Garoon portal.

Copy embed tags from a kintone app, paste them on a Garoon HTML portlet, and then add the portlet to the portal. For more information on how to set HTML portlets and the portal, see "Garoon Administrator Guide" on the following page:

HTML Portlet Settings
Portal Settings