Can I Move an Existing App to a Space?

Whether you can move an existing app to a different place (a space where the app belongs to) depends on where you created the app.

  • Apps created outside of a space:
    You cannot move the apps to the inside of the spaces later.
  • Apps created in a public space:
    If the "Change Space Where App Belongs To" feature is enabled, you can move the apps from one public to another public space. For details on this feature and the instructions, refer to the "Available Features in Update Options" page.
    However, you cannot move the apps from a public space to a non-public space (a private space, a guest space, or somewhere outside of the space).
  • Apps created in a private spaces or a guest space:
    You cannot move the apps to a different space.

For the apps that you cannot move to a different place, consider duplicating the apps and recreating them in the location of your choice.
In that case, please note the following.

  • If you create an app by duplicating an existing app, record data of the source app will not be migrated to the new app. In order to migrate existing records, you need to export the data to a CSV file, and import that file to the new app.
  • In a guest space, only apps that are within the same guest space can be duplicated. If you want to copy an app that is not in a guest space when you are in the guest space, or if you want to copy an app that is in a guest space when you are not in the guest space, make a template of the source app, and create an app from that template. For details on app templates, refer to What Is an App Template?.
  • Some data cannot be imported/exported using CSV files. Also, there are some settings that are not included in app templates. For details, refer to "List of Data Types That Can Be Imported or Exported" and "Settings That Are Not Included in App Templates".