List of Data Types That Can Be Imported or Exported

This section describes the types of data that can be imported from or exported to a file.

The table below describes whether each data set can be imported/exported.
●: Can be imported/exported
Blank cell: Cannot be imported/exported

Import/Export of Function Data

Import/Export of Function Data
Data type Import Export
App Settings *1 *1
App data *2 *2
Space settings *1 *1
Space data x x
People data x x
System settings x x

*1: Creating a template from an app or space enables you to import or export the app or space settings in a file.
      Creating a Template from an App
      Creating a Template from a Space
      Some settings are not included in templates.
      Settings That Are Not Included in App Templates
      Data That Is Not Included in Space Templates
*2: For details on app data to be imported or exported, see Import/Export of App Data.

Import/Export of App Data

Use a CSV file to import or export data.

For details on how to import data, see the following page:
Creating and Updating Records in Bulk

For details on how to export data, see the following page:
Exporting Data to a File

Import/Export of Field Values
Field Type Import Export
Label x x
Text *1
Rich text
Text Area
Calculated × *1
Radio Button
Check box
Date and time
Attachment x x
User selection
Department selection
Group selection
Related Records x x
Lookup *2
Record number x
Record created by x
Record created datetime x
Record updated by x
Record updated datetime x

*1: In the case of a Text field that you set automatic calculation for, or in the case of a Calculated field, the value will be re-calculated after the file import.
*2: You can import data to a Lookup field only when the "Prohibit duplicate values" option is enabled for the Key field. Value for a field that is specified as "Field Mappings" will be updated using the value specified for the lookup field.

Import/Export of Information Other Than Field Values
Type Import Export
Status*2 x
Assignee*2 x
Comment x x
History x x

*1: The category can be imported or exported only when the Category feature is enabled.
      Categorizing Records

*2: The status and assignee can be exported only when the Process Management feature is enabled.
      Setting Process Management