Changing the Display Order of Users

Display Order

Display order is the display priority of users appeared on the user list screen and the user selection screen.
Users are listed in ascending order with the smallest number of display order at the top.
It is useful when customizing the display order of the users according to job ranks and job titles.

Services That Display Order Is Available

Display order is available only on Garoon and kintone.

You cannot use display order on the following services.

  • Cybozu Office
  • Mailwise

Numbers Allowed to Use

The integer between 0 to 99999999 inclusive can be used for display order.
You cannot use decimal numbers and comma-separated numbers.

How Users Are Displayed

If the display order is used, the users are listed as follows:

  • The smaller the display order number: higher
    ↑ 15
     :  23
    ↓ 99

  • The display order is blank: lower
    Users without display orders are placed after the users with display order numbers.
    Sample image of user list

In either case of the following scenarios, the user who was added on an earlier date will come above the others.
  • Multiple users have the same display order number
  • The display order is blank

Setting Display Order Individually

It can be configured on "Edit User" screen in Users & System Administration.

  1. On the "Users & System Administration" page, under "User Administration", click "Departments & Users".
    Image of Departments and Users
  2. In "Departments" section, select the department containing the user you want.
  3. Click icon of the user whom you want to change the display order.
    To add a new user, click "New User".
  4. Enter a number in "Display Order" field.
    Specification of Display Order
    Image of the Display Order field
  5. Click "Save".

Updating Display Order in Bulk

You can update users' display orders in bulk by importing user details using a CSV file.
For details, refer to the following page:
Creating and Editing Users in Bulk
File Format for User Details