Summarizing the Amount of Sales for Current Month

In the app to record sales, summarize the amount of sales for the current month, and display the result as shown below.

Let's assume that the form has the following fields:

  • "Date" field with the sales date entered
  • "Sales amount" field with the amount of sales for that day
  1. On the record view screen of the app, click the create graph icon Column chart icon.
  2. Click "Others" in "Design a Graph Starting from Graph Type".
  3. Specify each item.
    • Chart Type
      Select "Table".
    • Group by
      Select "--" (none selected).
    • Function
      Select "Sum" and "Sales amount".
    • Conditions
      Select "Date", "= (equal)", and "This Month". Image
  4. Click Apply.
    The summarized result is displayed.