Editing Records

To edit existing records individually, you can use the record list (record view) screen or record details screen.
This section explains how to edit (or update) records in the record details screen.
To edit records in the record list screen, see Editing Records on the Record List Screen.
To edit records in bulk, see Update Records in Bulk: Editing a File.

  1. Click the app to open the "View" screen.
    Open view screen

  2. Click the icon Icon to open the record details screen in the left-most column of the record to edit. This opens the record details screen.
    Open record details screen

  3. Click Edit icon to enter edit mode.
    The "Edit Record" screen appears.
    Open edit records screen

  4. Edit the contents of this record.
    Edit records

  5. Click Save to save the record.
    Save records

The record has been successfully edited.
Click the history icon to see how the record was changed.
Confirm change history of the record