Setting E-Mail Notifications

Users can specify whether to receive notifications via e-mail.
Only App and Space notifications allow notifications to be received by e-mail. People notifications cannot be received by e-mail.
For details on receiving e-mail notifications, see the "Receive the e-mail notification" column on the following page:
When and to Whom Notifications Are Sent


  1. Click Gear icon on the upper right side of the screen, and then click "Personal Settings".
  2. From the items in "E-mail Notifications", select the target to be receiving mail notifications.
    Select Send only notifications where I am mentioned or Send me all notifications. Image 
  3. Click "Save".

Notes When IP Address Restrictions are Set

If the administrator sets restrictions on IP addresses and your device is restricted, one of the following steps is required for you to access the kintone URL listed in the notification e-mail:

  • Use Client Certificate Authentication
    When you access the URL listed in the e-mail notification, the following screen is displayed.
    If you have the required setting to use Client Certificate Authentication, you can access kintone by selecting the check box and clicking the URL.
  • Basic authentication
    If the administrator enabled the Basic authentication, accessing the URL listed in the e-mail notification displays the authentication screen.
    Enter the user name and password used for the basic authentication. For your user name and password, check with your administrator.

    Example of an authentication screen on Google Chrome: