Using kintone on Mobile Devices

You can access kintone from mobile devices to perform the same actions as those on PCs, such as viewing notifications and entering information. You can access information on kintone anytime while you are out of the office.
The two methods that you can use to access kintone from mobile devices are as follows.

Method 1: Accessing via Mobile Web Browsers

You can use Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android to access kintone. For both Web browsers, the latest version is supported.

Start your mobile Web browser (Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android) and enter the URL of your kintone in the address field. Then, you can see the mobile-optimized view of kintone.
For details on how to configure settings, see the "Using kintone on Safari for iOS" page and the "Using kintone on Chrome for Android" page.

Using kintone on Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android is better in that links on kintone can be opened into another tab.

Some organizations require users to configure some settings in advance for security. If entering the URL on Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android results in an error, it means that your organization requires some environmental configuration such as installing a client certificate.
For details on how to configure your environment, see the "Accessing Services from Public and Home Networks" page.

Method 2: Using the Mobile App

You can use the mobile app to access kintone.
To download the mobile app, go to App Store or Google Play and search for "kintone", or click the banner below. Available iOS and Android OS are described in System Information.

Download from App Store Get it on Google Play

Install the mobile app and set your subdomain, login name, and other details to use the app. For details on how to install the app, see the "Using the Mobile App for iOS" page or the "Using the Mobile App for Android" page.

If you use the mobile app, you can receive push notifications. This helps you timely notice messages from team members or notifications from workflows.

Restrictions in the Mobile View

On mobile devices, kintone can work either in the desktop view or mobile view.
However, you cannot perform the following actions in the mobile view.
If you want to perform the following actions, use the desktop view instead.


  • Edit announcement of the portal
  • Display "Notifications" and "Assigned to Me" on the portal
  • Display edit/delete icons and perform edit/delete actions in View that is displayed by using the Attach App


  • Create apps and perform actions in the App Settings screen
  • Display table fields and attachment fields in View
  • Specify conditions to filter records
  • Use the following functions for record comments
    • Display notification on a new comment in the record comment field.
    • Tap the comment posted datetime to move to the linked comment
  • Restore a previous version of a record from the History
  • Specify conditions to summarize records
  • Display tables, pivot tables, and periodic reports
  • Click an element in a graph to move to a view screen with filtered records listed
  • Export the summarized data in a graph to a CSV file
  • Get an embed tag for a specific graph
  • Edit data in the Rich text field
    You are only allowed to add plain text (which is not decorative) to Rich Text fields.


  • Create spaces and threads
  • Join or leave spaces
  • Edit the announcement and thread body
  • Follow/unfollow threads
  • Delete spaces and threads
  • Perform thread actions
  • Perform actions on the space settings screen

People and Messages

  • Enter data in the Rich text field

For other restrictions, access the Cybozu product site for restrictions on Safari for iOS and Android (Japanese only).
You can switch to the desktop view on mobile devices. For details on how to switch the view, see the"Using the Desktop View on Mobile Devices" page.