Using Screens on Mobile View

On the mobile view, mobile-friendly user interfaces (UIs) such as the navigation menu are provided. With these interfaces, users can easily access the information they need. This page explains how to use mobile UIs.

First Time Access

When you access the mobile UI for the first time, "Welcome to new Kintone mobile!" screen and the message "Tap to open the menu" are displayed.
Welcome to new Kintone mobile! Screen


The portal is displayed on the top page, like in the Desktop View. Under the announcement area, the list of apps and the list of spaces are displayed.
Tapping the app pasted in the announcement area will navigate you to the relevant app.
In the list of apps, favorite apps are displayed first. Likewise, spaces you have joined are displayed first in the list of spaces.
You can tap pin icon to add/remove apps to/from your favorite.

If you tap the menu icon menu icon, the navigation menu is opened.
By tapping the notifications icon Notification Icon, you can confirm notifications sent to you. Portal

Navigation Menu

From any screen in Portal, App, and Space, you can tap the menu menu icon shown at the upper left side of the screen to open the navigation menu. You can easily access following items from the navigation menu.

  • User Name
    Tapping the display name navigates you to the People screen.
  • Change Settings
    "Desktop View" (only when accessed from Web browsers), "Help", "Help Us to Improve kintone", and "Logout" are displayed.
  • Reload (only for Mobile apps)
    You can reload the screen. This icon is displayed only on Mobile apps.
  • Portal
    Portal screen is displayed.
  • Assigned to Me
    App names in which you have to proceed the status and the number of assigned records are displayed.
  • Search kintone
    You can search all of kintone.
  • App
    In the list of apps, you can tap pin icon to add/remove apps to/from your favorite.
  • Space
    The list of spaces is displayed.
  • People
    The list of People (other users) is displayed. Navigation menu


You can search all of kintone like in the Desktop View. The search results screen displays results not only from apps and spaces, but also from attached document file contents. On the app screen, you can search inside the app. Search


The notification icon Notification icon stays on the top right of each screen, so you can confirm your notifications at any time. The number of unread notifications is displayed over the notification icon.
You can confirm notifications while you are working in another screen, and go back to the original screen by tapping back back icon. This feature is useful because you can check notifications without suspending your work.
In the notification screen, you can toggle between Read and Unread, and also can filter notifications by using "To Me", "Flagged", and "All" (or notification filters you created).
For details on notifications, see the description in Understanding Notifications on Mobile Devices. Notification screen Switch notification filters

Record View

You can show List, Calendar, and Custom views of an app as in the Desktop View. On icons to open the record details, the number of comments are displayed. Also, you can switch between views and graphs by tapping tabs. Record view

You can switch between views by tapping view names. Switch between views

Record Details

In the record details screen, you can concurrently edit the record and input your comment.
The following menus appear on the bottom of the screen as their fixed position.

  • Actions to proceed processes
  • App actions
  • Action menu for this record
  • Previous record/Next record buttons
  • Edit Record details

Details on the menus on Record details are as follows.

App Actions

Next to the buttons to proceed the process, buttons for app actions are displayed. By tapping an action button, a target app is opened in a new tab and you can reuse the record contents. App actions

Process Management

Before proceeding the process, a confirmation screen is displayed. You can confirm the flow after taking your action at a glance. Proceed the process

Action Menu for the App

If you tap the app name, the action menu for the app is displayed. You can select the following actions from the menu.

  • Add the app to favorites/Remove the app from favorites
  • Show app description (Only when app description is added)
  • Show the record list of the app
    Action menu for the app

Editing Records

You can edit records by clicking Edit on the bottom-right corner.
Edit a record

Action Menu for Records

You can perform following actions using the menu icon Menu icon on the bottom-left corner.

  • Delete records
  • Copy Record Link
    You can copy the URL of the Record details, and paste it to kintone or non-kintone services.
  • Share records
    You can share the URL of the Record details with non-kintone apps and mails.
  • Copy
  • Add records
Action menu for records

Searching in App

From record view and record details screens, you can perform a search inside the app.
As in the Desktop View, records, record comments, and attachments are searched.
See "Searching Data"
Breadcrumbs (hierarchical list of links) are displayed in the Search in App screen, and you can easily go to the top page of the app (record view) and kintone search screen. Search in the App


In Space, you can use the following features:

  • View Announcement (Space body)
  • View threads and post comments
  • Use apps in the Space
  • See members of the space on People tab
  • Use apps and spaces that are added in Related apps & spaces.
  • Search in spaces
    As in the Desktop View, spaces, threads, thread comments, records and record comments in apps in the space, and attachments are searched.
    See "Searching Data"

There are some restrictions you can do on the Desktop View but cannot on the Mobile-optimized view such as setting spaces and adding threads.

Space screen

The following components are displayed on Space tab.

  • Notices
  • Threads
  • Apps (if there are any apps that users are allowed to view in the space)
  • People
  • Related apps & spaces (if there are any Related apps & spaces that users are allowed to view in the space)

If no tab appeared even if you added related apps & spaces, scrolling the tab name to left shows them.
Scroll to left shows Related apps and spaces