Using the Desktop View on Mobile Devices

Web browsers on mobile devices display kintone in a mobile-optimized view.
However, the mobile view has functional restrictions on apps and space settings.
For details on restricted features, see Restrictions in the Mobile View.
To use a mobile device to perform the same actions as those on a PC, you can switch to the desktop view.

Three Ways to Use kintone on Mobile Devices

You can use kintone on mobile devices in the following three ways:

  • Use the mobile view on a Web browser.
  • Use the desktop view on a Web browser.
  • Use the mobile app "Kintone Mobile".
    Kintone Mobile is available only in the mobile view.

On mobile Web browsers, you can use both the mobile view, which is optimized for mobile devices, and the desktop view, which has the same design for PCs.

Mobile view on a Web browser Kintone Mobile

Switching to the Desktop View by Yourself

All users can switch between views on their mobile devices.

  1. Access kintone from Web browsers on your mobile devices.
    You see the mobile view.

  2. Tap Settings Settings at the upper right and then tap Desktop View.

    Portal of preview version Now, you are in the desktop view.  Desktop view

For administrators: Switching all users to the desktop view

As an administrator, you can configure kintone so that all users can see the desktop view.

  1. Click Settings Settings icon in the upper right of the kintone screen to open kintone Administration. Open Administration

  2. Tap Default View for Mobile Browsers.
    Default View for Mobile Browsers

  3. Select Desktop view.
    To force the desktop view on all users, clear Allow users to switch between mobile-optimized view and desktop view. Desktop view

Switching Back to the Mobile View

You can go back from the desktop view to the mobile view.

  1. Access kintone from Web browsers on your mobile devices.

  2. Tap Settings Gear icon in the upper right and select Mobile-optimized view.

    Open Administration You see the mobile view.
    Portal of preview version

To make all users switch back to the mobile view, go to Administration, select Default View for Mobile Browsers, and then select Mobile-optimized view.