Guest Action: Joining the Invited Guest Space

When you are invited to a guest space, follow the steps described below to join it. Steps differ depending on whether you are already using kintone or not.
Also, screen display might differ depending on the environment.

If Your Company Is Already Using kintone

  1. Check the subdomain that are being used for kintone.
    You can check it by accessing your company's kintone and seeing the URL in the address bar of your Web browser. Image

  2. Click the link in the invitation e-mail. Image

  3. Under "Use kintone Domain Account", enter the subdomain that is being used for kintone, and then click Use kintone Domain Account.


  4. Log in to kintone that is being used.
    If you are already logged in, skip this step.  The "Your Profile" screen is displayed.

  5. Enter your profile as a guest.

If You Are Not Currently Using kintone

  1. Click the link in the invitation e-mail. Image

  2. Enter each item in the "Login with New Account" field and click Login with New Account. Image