Guest Action: Joining the Invited Guest Space

  1. Click the link in the invitation e-mail. Image

  2. Enter information required to join the space.

    • If your company is using kintone:
      In the Use kintone Account field, enter the kintone URL you are using for your company, and then click Use kintone Account.
      On the next screen, complete your guest profile. The join process is complete.

      Image If you do not know the kintone URL, see Confirming the URL of kintone below.

    • If you are not using kintone:
      Enter each item in the "Login with New Account" field and click "Login". The registration process is complete. Image

Confirming the URL of kintone

You can find your kintone URL by accessing your company's kintone and seeing the URL in the address bar of your browser.