Deleting an App

On the app settings page, you can delete apps. Deleting an app requires the management permission for the app.

You can delete apps using either of the following two screens, depending on your role.

  • If you are an app administrator, you can use the app settings page to delete apps.
  • If you are an app administrator as well as a system administrator, you can delete apps that you have management permissions, also from the app management screen.
    For details on how to delete apps, see Deleting Apps Through the App Management Screen.

This section describes how to delete apps using the app settings page.

To Delete Apps

  1. Open the app settings page.
    Opening App Settings Page
  2. Click the "App Settings" tab.
  3. Click "Delete This App" in "Management". Image
  4. Click Delete This App on the confirmation screen.
  5. If the confirmation screen opens again, click Delete App.

How to Handle If Errors Appear When You Try to Delete Apps

  • Error example:
    Failed to delete the app. The field in the app has been referred from the Lookup field "XXXX" in the app "XXXX". Change or delete the Lookup field settings. A screen showing error in deletion

  • Cause:
    The references between apps might exist in the Lookup fields and/or Related Records fields. You cannot delete an app which is specified in the settings of Lookup fields or Related Records fields in other apps.

  • Solution:
    Open the app settings page of the app indicated in the error message, and change the setting of, or delete the Lookup fields and/or Related Records fields.