Integrating Data Across Apps

kintone provides three features for integrating data across apps: Lookup, App Action, and Related Records.
The three features differ in their benefits. You can select the best one for different kinds of purposes to use kintone even more efficiently.


Enter a key to use Lookup

Lookup can copy data from a different app.
Lookup helps users create records in an app by referencing and copying necessary data from other apps. This feature reduces data entry efforts and prevents typing errors.
For example, you can add a Lookup field to an Activity Tracker app to reference a Customer Management app. The Lookup field can copy customer information from the Customer Management app to the Activity Tracker app. The copied information is displayed with a link to the datasource.
For details on Lookup, see Enabling Data to Be Retrieved from Other Apps.

To copy data between apps, you can also use App Action, which is described below.

App Actions

Record entry with an app action

App Action is useful when you want to copy existing data to a specified app.
For example, you can add an app action to a Customer Management app to copy the customer information to a Project Management app or an Activity Tracker app.
App Action differs from Lookup in that an action is added to a datasource app, from which data is copied. With an app action added to the Customer Management app, with the click of a button, users can easily copy customer information from the Customer Management app to the Activity Tracker app.
For details on App Action, see What Can Be Done with App Actions.

Target apps of app actions can have Lookup fields to combine both features.

Related Records

Related Records field

Related Records is a feature that lists records that are related to the current record. Related Records differ from Lookup and App Action in that a Related Records field just displays data but does not copy anything.
For example, this feature allows a Customer Management app to display a list of projects or sales activities that are related to a customer.
You can also implement a reverse reference by combining Lookup and Related Records.
For details, see the "Listing Related Records" page.

The SFA Pack shown in this page is an app pack you can download from the Marketplace. For details on what you can do with the app pack, see Let's Try SFA Pack!