Joining kintone from an Invitation E-Mail

You can join kintone through an invitation e-mail you received.
For information on the flow of e-mail invitations, see the following page:

Joining kintone through an invitation e-mail

  1. Open the invitation e-mail that you received. The sender of the e-mail is "kintone <>".
    Invitation e-mail
  2. Check the inviter, and then click Join kintone. For example, the following screenshot shows that Mary Smith is inviting a team member.
  3. Type or copy & paste the login name and initial password shown in the e-mail, and then click Login.
    Login page
  4. When you are prompted to change the password, enter a new password and click Save.
    Password change page

You see the kintone welcome page.
Click "Next" to try creating an app.
Welcome to {{%kintone%}}

To try conversing with your team members, open "Your team's communication space".