What Can Be Done with the Process Management Feature

You can use the Process Management feature to set processes (workflow) for allowing multiple users to edit and review records.

Example business process
Business process example

If you set Process Management, the status of each record (process status) is displayed. Image

You can assign a user to "Assignee" to edit or review records for each status.
On the kintone top page, the number of records where you are set as the assignee is displayed for each app. Image

Click one of the displayed apps to display a list of records in which you are set as the assignee. Image

Records where you are set as the assignee appear with a button that allows you to change to another record status.
Click the button to check the next status and assignee. Click "Confirm" to change the record status. Image

The Process Management feature is convenient when used in following apps:

  • Apps for managing tasks that involve multiple user engagement
  • Apps for managing approval and final decision of requests