Setting Reminder Notifications with Date and Time Conditions (Reminder Notification Settings)

Set the reminder notification by specifying the date and time condition on the basis on the value in the Date and time item.

  1. Open the app settings page.
    Opening App Settings Page
  2. Click the "App Settings" tab.
  3. Under "Notifications", click "Reminder Notifications". Image
  4. Click "Add".
  5. Specify the reminder condition.
    Reminder conditions For the reminder condition, specify two items: "When" and "Reminder Trigger".
    At the date and time specified in "When", if the condition specified in "Reminder Trigger" is met, the notification is sent.

    For example, the reminder condition items are set as described below. You create a record where the Due Date field is set to January 25, 2019.
    Due Date, 1 day, before, 9:00 a.m.
    Reminder Trigger:
    Status, includes any of, New

    Under the above condition, a notification is sent if the status is New at 9:00 a.m. on January 24, 2019 (one day before the date in the Due Date field). When to notify and notification conditions  
  6. For Recipients, specify the notification recipient users, departments, or groups.
    From the "Add a field for selection" drop-down list, you can also specify users who are specified in the following fields in the form as a notification recipient:
    • Created by
    • Updated by
    • User selection field*1
    • Department selection field*1
    • Group selection field*1
    • Assignee*2
    *1 The field can be selected only when it is placed on the form.
    *2 The field can be selected only when the Process Management feature is enabled. Notification recipients
  7. As needed, enter text to be used as the notification subject in "Summary". Notification contents The Summary appears on the notification. Image
  8. Select a time zone in Reminder Time Zone, if necessary.
  9. Click "Save" on the upper left side of the screen. Save
  10. Click "Update App" on the upper right side of the screen.