What is "Related Records"?

Article Number:040553

Related Records is a feature that lists records which meet the specified conditions, in the Record Details screen. You can display records from other app or the same app.
For example, you can use the Related Records to retrieve a list of leads that is associated with a specific customer while you are managing customer data and lead data separately.

You can click to jump to a datasource record when you want to see details of a related record. You do not need to change the screen to search for the record. Also, by updating datasource record, you can update data in the Related Records.

To display a list of related records, place the Related Records field, and set the followings.

  • An app to be referenced (You can specify either a different app or the same app.)
  • Fields to be used as a fetch criteria (When the values of the specified fields match, the source app's records with a matching value are displayed in the list of related records.)
  • Fields to be displayed in the list of related records

For example, place the Related records field in the Customer Management app, and associate it with the Company Name field in the Lead Management app. Now, the lead information is listed in the Customer Management app when the customer names in both apps match.