& Operator: Concatenating Strings and Numbers

Article Number:040511

You can concatenate multiple fields by using the "&" operator.
When concatenating strings and numbers, you must use a half-width "&" operator. You cannot use a "+" operator for this purpose.

Fields That Can Be Concatenated with "&" Operator

When using the "&" operator to concatenate fields, you can specify the following field types for concatenation.

  • Text
  • Number
  • Calculated
  • Radio button
  • Drop-down
  • Date1
  • Time1
  • Date and time1
  • Lookup2
  • Record created by
  • Record updated by
  • Record created datetime1
  • Record updated datetime1

1: Use the DATE_FORMAT function to specify a formula.
2: If the Key Field is a Link field or a Lookup field (when the Key Field is a Link field), that field cannot be referenced by a formula.


This section describes how to concatenate the First Name and the Last Name fields, by using a company directory app.

Image of the created app: Example of concatenating text fields

  1. Click the app settings button Settings button at the upper right of the "View" screen and select the Form tab.

  2. From the parts list shown on the left side, drag and drop two Text fields.

  3. For the first field, change the field name to "First Name" and the field code to "First_Name". For the second field, change the field name to "Last Name" and the field code to "Last_Name".

  4. Place the Text field to display the concatenated result, and then change the field name to "Full Name" and the field code to "Full_Name".

  5. Open the screen to set the "Full Name" field, select "Calculate automatically", and then enter the formula "First_Name&" "&Last_Name".
    You must use half-width '&' to concatenate strings. When adding a character or a space, use half-width double quotation marks (" ").

  6. Click Save on the field settings screen.

  7. Click Save Form on the upper left side of the screen, and then click Update App on the upper right side of the screen.

Now, you can concatenate strings.

Enter values into the First Name field and the Last Name field, and check that the concatenated result is displayed automatically in the Full Name field.

TIPS: If Empty Fields Are Included

Empty fields are concatenated as null strings.
For example, set a formula "State/Province&City&Street&Building_Name&" "&Floor" in the Address field. In this case, even when the Building Name is empty, other strings are concatenated.